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Where was born Charles V? In Ghent, Flanders.

Could Charles V make decisions alone? No. The taxes needed the approval of the Parliaments of each kingdom, each territory had a viceroy or governor, who ruled in the king´s name and there was also a court to administer justice.

Whose approval did he need before increasing taxes, for example? The Parliaments of each kingdom

Who were the children of Charles I? Philip II of Spain, Maria of Spain and Joan of Spain (children of Isabella of Portugal) and two bastard.

Who ruled each territory in the king’s name?

The Parliament of each kingdom.

Why did the king need to ask for loans?

Because the taxes alone were not enough to finance his policies.

Why did Charles V have problems with France?

France was his main rival for supremacy in Europe. Both countries were at war during Charles V`s entire reign.

The main battles against France

The first war, the Battle of Pavia and the final war.

Why were the Ottoman Turks his rivals?

Because they were a constant threat in the Mediterranean and along the eastern boundary of the Holy Roman Empire.

The main battles against the Ottoman Empire

Battle of Mohács.

What was his most serious problem?

How did he divide his possessions when he surrendered his power?

Where Charles V decided to retire?

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