jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

What do you Know about Bubonic Plague?

  • Transmission: The three forms of the Black Death were transmitted two ways: the septicenic and bubonic plague were transmitted with direct contact with a flea, while the pneumonic plague was transmitted trough airborne droplets of saliva coughed up by bubonic or septicemic infected humans.
  • Where did the plague arrive from? It is believed the plague originated in Asia, and moved west with Mongol armies and traders.
  • Effort to stop the Plague: Although the government had medical workers try to prevent the plague, the plague persisted. Most medical workers quit and journeyed away because they feared getting the plague themselves.
  • Changes in the economic: The economy was probably hit the hardest of all the aspects of Europe. The biggest problem was that valuable artisan skills disappeared when large numbers of the working class died. The horror of the Black Death had taken on a new victim, the economy.
  • Effect on the Europe: It affected Europe`s population and also its economy. Changes in the size of civilization led to changes in trade, the church, music and art and many other things.

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