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                              TIMELINE    800 BC - 100 BC                                    

runner  776 BC   
The first Olympic games.  
  about 750 BC
  Early Greek culture. Homer writes the epics 'The Iliad' and the 'Odyssey'.

Tyrant leader  650 - 580 BC
Corinth is ruled by the tyrant Kypselos and then his son Periander.  
  508 BC   voting
  Democracy begins in Athens
soldiers  490 and 480 BC  
Greeks defeat Persian invaders at the battles of Marathon (490 BC)and Salamis (480 BC).  
  by 450 BC  Athenian assembly
  Athens becomes a very powerful city, and controls an empire.
theatre  472 - 410 BC  
Greeks theatre thrives in Athens. Many of the most famous Greek plays are written during this time.  
  462 - 429 BC
  Perikles is the popular leader at Athens as the general of the Athenian army
Parthenon  432 BC  
The Parthenon in Athens is finished being built.  
  431 - 404 BC  trireme
  War between Athens and Sparta (the Peloponnesian war)
428 BC  
The revolt of Mytilene  
  404 BC
  Sparta defeats Athens.

338 BC
Philip, king of Macedonia, takes control of Greece.  
  336 - 323 BC
  Alexander the Great, son of Philip, conquers most of the known world as far east as India.

146 BC
Rome conquers Greece - Greece becomes part of the Roman empire.  

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